Street Latin Mackay

  • Professional, qualified teachers
  • Private, spacious and fully equiped studios
  • Friendly atmosphere suitable for all ages, skill levels and level of dance
  • Dance 7 days a week….
  • Lots of social activities

We do it all…..

  • Social, Competition, Performance
  • Street Latin
  • Ballroom
  • Special Needs

Most of all …..  We have fun doing it!

This weeks Salsa Move

Here is the Copa for the second Primo Course

What is this SLM-LDA Collaboration all about?

It is about bringing the best possible Latin Dance coaching into Regional Australia.

It is impossible to bring top level instructors like Jaime Jesus, Katrina Quintal, Ellicia McDonald, Mitch Bilic, Sandra Betrius, Ulysses Mclaren etc to Mackay every week but what we can do is teach you the same things as they would in Sydney and then get them here to add the finishing touches.

This is why Diane from SLM and Jaime of LDA have collaborated to develop a way that enables Diane to teach you the very latest in Street Latin moves right here in Mackay and LDA will back this up with activities here in Mackay on a regular basis.

LDA instructors will demonstrate via video the moves to be covered.  Diane and Jaime have broken these down into the basic moves you need to know which Diane will teach in a series of courses on a weekly basis here in Mackay.  LDA instructors will then visit Mackay and deliver workshops to teach you how to add those little touches to help you pull those moves off in style.  They will also show you how to take it to the next level.

In the weeks after their visit Diane will reinforce the things covered in the workshops.

So no more attending workshops and a month later not remembering what you learnt or how to do it.

Of course the instructors will also be available to give you personal one on one coaching during these visits as well!  Diane is also available for private lessons.

So we are doing our best to get you the very best in Dance Instruction here in Mackay

Our first course in Salsa starts on Thursday 30th June at Studio 53 at 6:30 for Beginners and 7:30 for Intermediates.  Courses in Zouk and Bachata are also planned.

The first workshops will be in October

About The SLM-LDA Primo Courses